Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Goal for me!

When I started this blog, it was purely meant to be a record of all my recipes for me to refer to without worrying about my computer crashing. Believe me; I have learnt that lesson the hard way! I used to save all recipes on a folder in the laptop and keep backing them up in disks I could never find later. So having them stored on the WWW seemed like an easy solution to my paranoia of losing them someday. And ever since I have them uploaded, it is so much easier to share them with friends and colleagues. But now that I am making it a public blog, it really seems so dry with only a few pictures and no text at all. Just a couple weeks ago, I saw the movie Julie & Julia and am kind of inspired by the marathon cooking Julie undertook to give herself a purpose. Although I have my hands full with a home, a toddler and a full time job, I do feel that I should undertake a marathon cooking challenge to update pictures on all my recipes. (There is no way I will get around to it otherwise!!!) So I am going to pick each category of recipes and give myself a time frame to cook them all and take blog worthy pictures.
Since both I and my DH are suckers for rice dishes, I believe I have found where I need to begin. So here goes....

Target: All rice dishes on the blog to be cooked and photographed.
Time Frame: Finish by Sunday 2/29/10

Wish me luck!!!

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