Monday, September 28, 2009

Jeera Aloo


3-4 Large Potatoes1 Pinch Turmeric2 tsp JeeraOil
1 small Onion3 Slit Green Chillies1 inch HingSalt
7-8 Peanuts (Optional)4-6 Curry Leaves
Fresh Dhania

Finely chop the onions.
Pressure cook the potatoes for about 2 whistles and cool completely. Chop into 1 inch cubes.
In a skillet, add 2-3 tsp of oil and let the jeera splutter and roast until dark.
Add the curry leaves hing and turmeric.
Add the onions and saute until translucent.
Add salt and toss in the cooked potatoes. Cook until well roasted on all sides.
Season with fresh Dhania and serve.
Peanuts can be added while cooking the onions to add a little crunch to the recipe.

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