Monday, November 16, 2009


Squash1 cup Grated CoconutCoconut Oil
French Beans8-10 Green ChilliesSalt
Carrots2 tsp Mustard Seeds
Drumsticks8-10 Curry Leaves
White Pumpkin1 tsp Hing
Peas1/2 tsp Turmeric
Snake Gourd
3 cups Yoghurt (OR)
4 cups Buttermilk

Avial is a stew of melon-family and winter vegetables in a coconut/yoghurt base.
This can be made with any or all of the vegetables listed above.
Cut the vegetables into 1 inch pieces to yeild about 6 cups of vegetables
Boil them with salt and turmeric and 4 cups water covered on medium heat.
Grind the coconut and green chillies into a fine paste and add it to the vegetables when they are about half done.
Blend yoghurt with 1 cup water.
Do not add water if using buttermilk.
Once the vegetables are well done, add the yoghurt to the pot and cook for a few minutes. Do not boil.
Turn the heat off as soon as bubbles start to foam.
Splutter mustard seeds, hing and curry leaves in coconut oil.
Garnish the avial with this tadka and serve.

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