Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spring Rolls

1/2 head Cabbage1 pinch TurmericOil
1 medium Capsicum4-6 Green ChilliesSalt
1 long CarrotFresh Dhania
1 small Onion1 tbsp Ginger
Sring Roll Wrappers (OR)
Chop the vegetables and ginger into thin long slices.
In a pan heat 3-4 tsp oil and saute the onions and ginger.
Add the dhania, capsicum, carrots and cabbage.
Add some salt, turmeric and finely chopped green chillies.
Saute until well cooked.
If you cannot find spring roll wrappers, make a stiff dough of maida with some salt.
Roll out the dough into really thin circles and use them as wrappers.
If using sring-roll wrappers, soak them in warm water 2-3 minutes just before using.
Lay out a wrapper and set some of the vegetable filling on one side.
Start rolling the wrapper from that side making sure the 2 adjacent sides are tucked in.
Seal the ends wit ha little water.
Make all the spring rolls.
Deep fry them until golden and serve hot with ketchup/schezuan sauce.

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